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How to get the most out of your doctor’s visit

by Doctorpal

Many patients often live the hospital not satisfied with their consulting room encounter with the doctor since it’s a two way affair it means that some of the responsibility of a good consultation also lies in the hands of you the client, so today your doctor buddy is going to show you how to make it satisfying.

Let’s first look at how this whole consultation thing works, when you first enter, the doctor asks what your complaints are after which he will also ask some questions and then proceed to examine you and may ask you to do some investigations (not always).

The part where the doctor talks to you (called the History) is the most important part because by the time he is done talking to you, he has a fair idea what your problem might be and what he is going to do about it and will be confirmed by the examination findings or investigations if needed.

That is why you have to be able to express yourself and provide as much information as possible, unfortunately we often leave the consulting room before we remember some other symptom we should have mentioned. So let’s look at a few:

  1. Prepare for your doctor’s visit

Before you enter into the consulting room you should have made gathered your information, this means that you should know all your symptoms and their duration. If you have to recollect in the consulting room, chances are you might forget something important. You can make this easier by listing your complaints or questions prior to your visit

  • Disclose all previous medications and treatments

If you had previously taken some drugs or treatment whether for your current ailment or not you should let your doctor be aware. If you cannot recollect, it is advisable to take the drugs or their containers along with you. Because medicine is practiced with standards and protocols, you might end up at the pharmacy only to realize that the prescriptions given are for drugs that you had already tried and did not work for you.

  • Be interested in your condition

You should express interest in what is going on so that the doctor will be encouraged to give you more information which will help you make better choices

  • Make your expectations known

Right from the beginning, let the doctor know what you are expecting, do you just want more information? Are you expecting a cure? Making your expectations known helps the doctor to better satisfy you or manage your expectations such as explaining to you why a particular condition cannot be cured but can be managed.

  • Be honest

There is no point in lying to your doctor, after all he can’t beat you. Remember he knowing what is wrong with you depends in part on what you tell him so if you want the right diagnoses and the right treatment you have to be honest. What’s more, we are trained to keep your secrets. Know this whatever wild story you think you might have am sorry to disappoint you but we’ve heard worse so please bring it out, it could be the key to the right therapy and sometimes life saving

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