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Fibroids In Pregnancy

by Doctorpal

If you have fibroids, talk to your obgyn when planning on getting pregnant.

Some fibroids might not be a problem during pregnancy while others would.

This depends a lot on the size and location of the fibroid you have.

If they need to be removed surgically, especially because of their size or location, please make sure you have them removed.

Some fibroids increase in size during pregnancy while others don’t.

When you are pregnant with certain types of fibroid in place, there is an increased risk of you having a miscarriage.

You can go into labor before 37 weeks, your placenta can detach from your womb wall during pregnancy ( placenta abruption ) and your baby might not be in a good position for vaginal birth to be possible.

Your baby might not grow as much as it’s supposed to as there mighy not be enough space, labor might not progress and you might end up having a cesarean delivery.

You can also have problems with postpartum bleeding as the womb might have difficulty reducing in size after your baby is born.

Pain is the most common complication of fibroids during pregnancy. This will only be managed according to the discretion of your obgyn

Don’t go drinking all sorts of concoctions trying to shrink them.

Fibroids are very hard and will very likely stay the same. Your kidneys and liver could however be damaged as a result of these concoctions. Once damaged, there’s not much you can do ( you will very likely die ) if you don’t get a transplant of those organs.

Once you do get pregnant with a fibroid in place, nothing will be done about it until you have had your baby.

Do you have a history of fibroids? Make sure you have them evaluated before you get pregnant

Not everyone who has had a fibroid removed can have a vaginal delivery. Some require cesarean sections. Ask your obgyn if you can.

Below are photos of a baby and a fibroid competing for space in the womb.

Don’t have your fibroids removed during a cesarean section if possible. It isn’t recommended to do so as the risk of bleeding out is extremely high and many obgyn wouldn’t do this procedure for you because they know the risk it comes with. You can bleed to death. Surgery can always be done when your body has fully recovered and the risk of bleeding lower.

Have you ever had a fibroid removed or do you know anyone who had one removed during a cesarean section? How did it go?

Did you experience pregnancy with a fibroid in place? What was your experience?

By Dr. Dixie Costantini

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